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Hello, <br /> Thanks for the detailed steps, <div>&nbsp;</div> Im trying to post HTTP request msg over ssl protocol.(one way auth )/brk7/unix) <div>&nbsp;</div> 1. Created a keystore named ts.jks and imported server self signed cert into ts.jks. <br /> 2. Updated brk reg <br /> brokerTruststoreFile='/xxxx/ts.jks' <br /> brokerTruststorePass='brokerTruststore::password' and ran mqsisetdbparms @ 'brokerTruststore::password' with login credentials. <br /> 3. HTTPSConnector- <br /> uuid='HTTPSConnector' <br /> algorithm='Platform Default' <br /> clientAuth='Platform Default' <br /> keystoreFile='Platform Default' <br /> keystorePass='********' <br /> keystoreType='Platform Default' <br /> sslProtocol='Platform Default' <br /> ciphers='Platform Default' <br /> 4. Re started broker. <div>&nbsp;</div> Test failed with error SocketException BIP3165S: An error occurred whilst performing an SSL socket operation. <br /> Operation: 'createSocket'. Error Text: ' SSLContext Default i <br /> mplementation not found: '. <br /> Is there anything i need to config @ brkr for the successful HTTP post over ssl. <div>&nbsp;</div> thanks <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Hi, <br /> It seems you have imported a self signed personal certificate into a truststore. The truststores need to contain signers certificate. Try to imitate the cacerts truststore in your new truststore. Make the changes, if you still see errors, the please open a PMR from the following link - <br />