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These probably should each be filed as an RFE (which I can do if you want), but you asked, so...

* In TDWC, let job Tasks filter on Job Workstation. Currently, only Job Stream Workstation can be filtered. This makes it possible to display only all jobs on a specific workstation, regardless of which job stream the job is in.
* In TDWC, additional filter for all fields, that is applied on results returned by Task-level filter. Similar to filter feature in JSC that is applied after the custom list filter returns the list results.
* In TDWC for all lists, provide a Copy button that copies the contents of all rows in the list to the clipboard. Currently, no matter how many rows are chosen to display for each page, it is only possible to copy the rows in the visible area of the scroll box.
* In TDWC for all lists, provide a way to increase the number of rows displayed in the scroll box.
* In TDWC, enhance Workload Runtime Summary report to support forecasts and simulations (see below). Production control teams would use this to determine the best time slot for an emergency change control and which job streams to place on hold at what time, for example. A way to approximate this currently is to assume that a previous day of the week will be the same, and pull from that previous day of week.
* In conman, provide a switch that displays full time values, with an option to set the time zone that all times are displayed in. Currently, a forecast or archived plan displays only the date if the date is not the current wall clock date. For example, this affects the start time field.
* Enhance forecasts with an optional simulation option. Currently forecasts only show the SOD state, but a simulation would project out all instances of jobs with EVERY keyword, for example.
* Support a way to capture the state of the production plan without stopping the engine. Currently the only way to reliably roll back TWS to a specific time of day is to stop the engine and copy all production plan-related files, then start the engine again. This would be extremely useful for DR and the rare corruption incidents caused by a defect.

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Sorry, forgot to mention these are requests that come from teaching knowledge transfer classes, and listening to students saying, "I wish I could...<feature>...because...<use case="case">".</use></feature>

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