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1 andrefgj commented Permalink

Hi. <div>&nbsp;</div> I tried to follow the steps but I found some gaps doing so. One of them was the screenshot that seemed to be different in Automtions Scripts app. Also, in purchasing process what service I should enter in Item field was not clear. There were a few, but none like Retread. Maybe there are missing steps to include it there. <div>&nbsp;</div> I will continue with this and asa I get it working I post the missing steps. <div>&nbsp;</div> Very good solution, btw!

2 andrefgj commented Permalink

It worked! <div>&nbsp;</div> Here is my suggestion when you do it: <div>&nbsp;</div> 1) While adding new attibutes in Database Configuration use the following names: <br /> - ISRETREAD (instead of ISTIRE) <br /> - RETREADCOUNT <div>&nbsp;</div> 2) In Application Designer app, set Retread Count field to READONLY <div>&nbsp;</div> 3) In Automation Scripts app, despite screenshots are not the same, it is intuitive and you can proceed using your best judgement. However I suggest you to change for both scripts the variables names to: <div>&nbsp;</div> v_isretread (instead of v_cnc_istire) <br /> v_retreadcount (instead of v_cnc_retreadcount) <br /> v_retreadcounter (instead of v_cnc_retreadcounter) <div>&nbsp;</div> Also, in Object Launch point you must set the correct Binding Value as following <br /> INITCOUNT script: <br /> ----------------- <br /> v_isretread = ISRETREAD <br /> v_retreadcount = RETREADCOUNT <div>&nbsp;</div> RETREADCOUNT script: <br /> -------------------- <br /> v_itemnum = ITEMNUM <br /> v_retreadcounter= plustasset.retreadcount <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> 4) Here are the pieces of code to use on both scripts: <br /> INITCOUNT script: <br /> ----------------- <br /> if v_isretread == 1: <br /> if v_retreadcount is None: <br /> v_retreadcount = 0 <br /> if v_isretread == 0: <br /> v_retreadcount = '' <div>&nbsp;</div> RETREADCOUNT script: <br /> -------------------- <br /> if v_itemnum == 'RETREAD': <br /> if v_retreadcounter is not None: <br /> v_retreadcounter = v_retreadcounter + 1 <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> 4) While creating the scripts, it is important to enter the right object into Object fields. For INITCOUNT use ASSET, for RETREAD use SERVRECTRANS <div>&nbsp;</div> 5) You must go to Service Items app and create a new active record called RETREAD <div>&nbsp;</div> 6) By then, you can check box "Is Retread" for your rotating asset to say it is Retread. Once you create an approved invoice for the asset where Line Type=Service and Item=RETREAD, the counting will be increased +1 <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Tks Alex for showing me the walkthrough video. It helped a lot!

3 AlexOEstevam commented Permalink

Hello Andre, thanks a lot for your comments. I may the content on the article to reflect your changes!