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1 David_McCormick commented Permalink

Are the automation scripts for Google Selenium available to customers? I've worked with Selenium in the past but have never had the time to create a sufficiently comprehensive test suite for Maximo.

2 FranciscoCoelho commented Permalink

Selenium framework is in final development phase. Meanwhile, Rational Functional Tester's framework is complete and have a large set of scripts already done.

3 SASHULL commented Permalink

Like David, I'm confused because it almost seems like you've made an extension to the Google Selenium "...Google Selenium, which has a framework tuned to work with Maximo, developed by Maximo development team.." that would be extremely beneficial if it exists but I can't find anything besides a paid for program that isn't from IBM.

4 David_McCormick commented Permalink

In that case, Francisco, would you please make an announcement on this blog when the Selenium framework is complete and available? Rational Functional Tester is way out of my price range.

5 FranciscoCoelho commented Permalink

I will surely do, David.

6 SASHULL commented Permalink

Not to pester because I understand it may not be ready yet, but is there any update on the Google Selenium Framework Francisco? I just wanted to make sure this thread wasn't forgotten because sometimes it's difficult to track down all the tools IBM makes available and this is one we're very interested in.

7 David_McCormick commented Permalink

Can you give us an update on the Selenium framework? Thanks.

8 HMR5_Vikram_G commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Please let us know the update on the Selenium framework for use. Thanks.

9 JUPT_Paul_Edmondson commented Permalink

Hi Francisco, Are you able to let me know if the Selenium Framework is available for use please and where to access if so? <br /> Many Thanks - Paul

10 testgrinder commented Permalink

Hi, <br /> Just wanted to share that my company has recently released a cloud-based Maximo test automation service based on Selenium framework (and Gherkin) and we are currently offering a free public trial at <div>&nbsp;</div> Daniel K <br />