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1 dvisentin commented Permalink

Could someone be so kind to explain the rationale behind this recommendation ?

2 JonLaw commented Permalink

Clients were reporting an issue where the Windows service for the MXServer was becoming "out of sync" with the WebSphere ISC console. As such, the JVM could not be stopped or started from the service or the console. After working with WebSphere technical support they provided this recommendation.

3 sunk818 commented Permalink

I can attest to the Windows service not working well and having to reboot the Windows server. <div>&nbsp;</div> On a related note, will this setting restart MXServer if it crashes?

4 JonLaw commented Permalink

If the Node crashes or is restarted, Maximo of course, will follow suit. Ideally you would have a single Windows Service for the Node. When that service is started, the JVM would then start up as well.