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1 Adrian Abshire commented Permalink

Can we use the REST API to invoke an external service from within Maximo (via a publish channel)? If so, how would this be done please?

2 TomSarasin commented Permalink

Adrian - let me clarify - the REST api allows you to access Maximo data as a REST resource - you can perform GET/POST/PUT against the data to do inserts/updates etc. Regarding invoking an external service from within Maximo, that is where you would leverage our HTTP End Point that could be configured with a Publish or Invocation Channel. This end point is an HTTP client that can be configured to call an external service. <br /> This link is to the MIF wiki, <br />!/wiki/IBM%20Maximo%20Asset%20Management/page/Integration%20Framework <div>&nbsp;</div> and from there are links to our standard documentation and other topics you might find helpful.