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1 JCole commented Permalink

I see that this is an old post...forgive me if this is not pertinent. We upgraded v7.1.1.6 to v7.5 in Sept 2013. Applied latest Spatial patch and fix pack in April. My understanding is that auto-locate hierarchy is driven primarily by service address in these versions. Our business rule is to use the asset first, and we are forced to remove the address from work orders, create the spatial point using the remaining asset, then reapply the address value. Is there a controi available to configure our preferences for auto-locate order?

2 JoãoSouto commented Permalink

For the current version there is not a way to change the order for the auto-locate. I see this as a nice thing to have and I would like you to submit a request for enhancement to have it for the next version. Request for enhancement community =>