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Nice job <br /> And the pics do help <br /> All Maximo books should be that easy to understand or <br /> maybe that will but us out of jobs <br /> but good job any way

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really it was helpfull to me alot...nearly i wasted 2 days of my precious time to know this procedure. <br /> pic's also helped me alot. <br /> please keep more updates to help the beginers like me. <br /> once again thank you. <br /> if possible send me the alert mails saying that you have updated some stuff in your blog. <br /> my mail id is:

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Good information. Nice work.

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Thanks for very Helpful document. <div>&nbsp;</div> Basically we are having maximo ,websphere 7, i followed all above mentioned procedure, but in my case there is some problem i am facing like <br /> maximo login Page is coming,although i changed web.xml file in all places, and set system property from backend to enable application server security. <div>&nbsp;</div> Any suggestion wil be highly appreciated. <br />

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@maxora, <br /> see if 'Enable application security' checkbox is checked. It is placed on 'Global Security' form. <br /> Mark it and restart the server. It will force WebSphere to validate the user credentials before enter in Maximo application. <br /> Good luck!

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Thanks Mr. LeucirMarin for yor comment. <br /> that problem is resolved. <br /> now i am facing another problem i.e. when trying to fetch Users in Integrated console from active directory,active directory users are not showing only internalfile repository users are showing, while In Groups it is fetching all groups from Active Directory. <br /> any idea on tha? <br /> Basically i am trying to configure sso using Federated repository where i want to create some maximo users in Filebased repository and some in active directory as well. <br /> i tried with standalone Ldap repository,SSO is work fine. <br /> any one share their experience. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks &amp; Regards, <br />

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Hello Mr. LeucirMarin <div>&nbsp;</div> with referece to my last comment . <br /> my 1st problem is resolved i.e. user fetching problem is resolved. basically i did sAMAccountName mapping in wimconfig.xml file. <div>&nbsp;</div> Now SSO is performing well with AD users, but those maximo user which are under file repository are not getting login page or dailog. <div>&nbsp;</div> when disabling spnego then it is getting login dialog and users from both repository can login, <br /> but i want AD users directly get startcentre without asking credential while <br /> file repository users should get login page or login dialog and get loggedin. <div>&nbsp;</div> Regards,

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@maxora: Did you ever get SSO working in such a way that AD users login automatically and you can prompt for credentials for users in the file repository? I'm trying to setup the same thing and am having difficulties. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks, <div>&nbsp;</div> -Kevin