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1 jasonverly commented Permalink

Any time frame on guide for a common deployment in SMB's - Websphere/SQL Server/MS Active Directory?

2 SASHULL commented Permalink

I have to agree with Jason, the Websphere SQL Server Install guide is what we're most interested in. Also, the top link is actually for Websphere, DB2, & Tivoli Directory Server so perhaps there are a few more guides developed?

3 Louise_Lohan commented Permalink

Thank you for your comments about the customized installation guides for Maximo Asset Management version 7.5. <div>&nbsp;</div> Your request for an additional installation guide for users of WebSphere Application Server, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Active Directory has been acknowledged and a new guide has been produced for your product environment. <div>&nbsp;</div> For more information, see the related blog post: <div>&nbsp;</div> Thank you for your input. <br /> Kind regards. <br />