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1 dvisentin commented Permalink

Using another middleware is tecnically possible but what about IBM support ? If I need to open a PMR on MX Sap adapter I don't want to be rejected because my scenario doesn't match a supported configuration. So it will be fantastic if IBM would support "officially" other middlewares like WebSphere ESB, Apache Camel or even the direct use of WebSphere Adapter for SAP (installable on top of the same WAS where MX runs)

2 triona.carey commented Permalink

@dvisentin This post provides tips for users that want to customize the Maximo Enteprise Adapter for SAP Applications without using SAP NetWeaver PI as the middleware component. We do not support customizations because it is not possible to plan or test for that support. However, if issues can be reproduced in the standard configuration using SAP NetWeaver PI, those issues can be supported by IBM.