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1 Bruno Portaluri comentou às Link permanente

Very interesting article. <br /> A different perspective on this topic in <a href="">this post</a>. <br /> Regards

2 jasonverly comentou às Link permanente

Is there any information availble regarding the settings for length of time report usage is logged? Looking at our table, the logging only goes back 30d.

3 PamDenny comentou às Link permanente

Great question. The cron task REPORTUSAGECLEANUP determines how long values stay in the REPORTUSAGELOG table. The default value for this cron task is 30 days - but you can configure it to whatever value may best meet your business needs. <div>&nbsp;</div> You can find out more details on report specific property settings and cron tasks here - plus I'll add this info directly in this Bilog posting. Thanks! <div>&nbsp;</div>