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1 spivot commented Permalink

Hi Pam, <br /> This is a great article! I enabled the portlet in my Maximo 7.5 environment and love it. <br /> Only one thing bothers me and my maximo group - users are able to select any available report (based on their permissions) including those that can be run only from within application. <div>&nbsp;</div> So they can select a WO details report even though it can be printed only from WO application. <br /> Yes, Maximo will catch this and show an error: BMXAA3514E - The report you have selected has Record Limits Enabled and cannot be executed from this action. To execute this report, go to its application and execute it from there. <br /> But more neater way would be hiding those reports that cannot be executed. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is there a way to limit number of reports visible in this portlet? <br /> Regards, <br /> Alexey

2 PamDenny commented Permalink

Hi. Glad to hear that you like the Report List Portlet! I use it all the time to access my favorite reports! On your question, the best thing to do when configuring the portlet is to select only those reports that have user inputted parameters. If you add reports that utilize the application query, and that have record limits set - your users will receive the message as you noted below. Therefore, again, it is best to only utilize reports with specific parameter inputs to the Report List Portlet. Thank you!