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1 shaker commented Permalink

Thanks Fazal. Very informative. But just a warning.. it may not be as easy as it is here when you really start working on it.. YMMV :)

2 ShahfazalMohammed commented Permalink

Thanks Shaker. I understand this can get a little tricky but I'm hoping this post can attempt to simplify that and help our customers understand the installation process from a broader perspective.

3 Tony V. commented Permalink

Is there any way to repackage or update WID 7, WAS 7, and Process Server 7 using maybe the IBM Packaging Utility to one updated repository? That way you have all updated files ready for new installations?

4 ShahfazalMohammed commented Permalink

Hi Tony. Unfortunately, there's no direct way of being able to package WID, WAS and Process Server for the v7 version. This will probably be a two step process - one for WAS and one for WID+WPS

1. For WAS, you can use the Centralized Installation Manager: - this way you can manage all your WAS levels
2. For WID+WPS, you can use the IBM Packaging utility: to create repositories for WID and WPS.
Keep in mind though that anytime you modify/change/update WAS, you'll have to import it into Installation Manager so it updates it metadata as well.