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1 ChrisGWarp commented Permalink

Hi Matt. <div>&nbsp;</div> There is a 4th option available, one that I use exclusively. <div>&nbsp;</div> Most of your article is revolving around the developer's WID tooling. The WPS *runtime* has the|ws_ant.bat file available to it. The WPS profile includes the additional jar file, wpsanttasks.jar, that includes the serviceDeploy ant task. <div>&nbsp;</div> A good SCM practice is to build on the target platform/architecture that you are doing to deploy on. We deploy onto AIX, so we build on AIX. <div>&nbsp;</div> We also use this to build using Maven (which wrappers ws_ant: see <div>&nbsp;</div> In addition, this level of tooling also allows us to use a Continuous Integration server (Hudson) to perform our builds and releases. <div>&nbsp;</div> This approach has worked very well for us. <div>&nbsp;</div> -Chris <br />

2 MattLuczkowiak commented Permalink

Hi Chris, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for reading and the informative comment. ws_ant is also a very useful tool to build with and with the WPS extensions for serviceDeploy it can easily be used as you state. Thank you for the great information! <div>&nbsp;</div> -matt-

3 tina168 commented Permalink

We use BPM751 standard and BPM8 standard. <br /> Do you have any solution using Ant script for snapshot deployment? <div>&nbsp;</div>

4 MattLuczkowiak commented Permalink

Hi Tina, <div>&nbsp;</div> Great question. <div>&nbsp;</div> Unfortunately, the ant scripts currently can only be used in BPM for the advanced content (i.e. modules created with the IBM Integration Designer) and is addressed here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> If you are just looking for a scripted way to perform deployments with BPM Standard though, you can utilize the offline deployment procedure. More information on that may be found here: <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>