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1 Lalitha_Chandran commented Permalink

Nice article for beginners, well written!

2 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

Thank you very much for the comment. We appreciate the feedback!

3 Kutulu2000 commented Permalink

Same issue for BPM 8.0 Very helpful for quick start modeling

4 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

@Kutulu20000 On behalf of the author, Matt Luczkowiak, we want to thank you for your comment. We will be updating this article to remove the references to IBM Business Process Manager Version 7.5 because it applies to all currently supported versions of IBM Business Process Manager as well.

5 bhanu05 commented Permalink

Hi , Thank you very much for the information. In my case the process center URL is correct , but still my process center is not able to detect my process designer. Can you please help me solve this issue. Is there a other way around to solve this or look into. I really appreciate your time and efforts.

6 Bill Wentworth commented Permalink

More information is needed to determine the specific issues that are occurring in your environment. Are you seeing an error messages, for example? You can post a question about your issue on dW Answers ( and get help from the BPM community. Alternatively, you can open a service request so that our support teams can work with you. More information on the service request process is available at the following URL: