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1 GY5P_sateesh_reddy commented Permalink

We all know that PVID will be taking current time stamp of system and generating the PVID. Could some one tell me know, how to convert PVID to know timestamp of when PVID got created or what algorithm will be used to create PVID.

2 FCTQ_Chiddu_Rayaprolu commented Permalink

Hello Mr. Chandolu

Got question on IBM LDAP 6.3 in RHEL Linux environment.
Currently we are setup with SHA-1 and in process of changing to SHA-256.
Question: Change of algorithm effects all OUs defined in LDAP or specific to OU ? If specific to one OU within LDAP DB, what command(s) we have to issue to make the change to SHA-256.

3 V5QD_Charin_Kumjudpai commented Permalink

May I have a questions. Customer using AIX 7.1 with enable sha256 password algorithm. Do anyone known when the DB2 connect database with 2 method
1. Connect database by not supplied userID and password it was connected.
2. Connect database by supplied userID and password. It look like not work.
So, What the password should supplied the encrypt_password or clear text password.


4 UMAMCHANDOLU commented Permalink

Hi Charin,

You may need to contact DB2 team, on how its get connected. Is it with clear text password or encrypted password they can confirm you on that. thanks.

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