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1 localhost commented Trackback

i need the Datastage certification book materials or tutorials.thankssaravanan

2 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Saravanan,<div>&nbsp;</div> I'll look around for information that may help you and post an entry to my blog. Thanks!

3 localhost commented Permalink

Hi Saravanan,<div>&nbsp;</div> Check this residency for a redbook... If this redbook was created, do you think this will help you?<div>&nbsp;</div> Produce a redbook that provides an overview of the architecture and functionality of IBM Information Server 8.0.1's DataStage component, and describe a step by step approach to implementing features via usage scenarios such as unit-of-work (UOW) operator with MQ and DB2, implementation of Type 1, Type 2, and Type 3 slowly changing dimensions, and access to mainframe data through classic federation, Complex Flat FIle and Multiformat File stages.<div>&nbsp;</div> (To see the residency, do as search for "data stage" on the website.