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Susan, how about my blog? <br /> by Ember Crooks <br /> Expert tips on building and administering DB2 LUW databases

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Susan, <br /> great summary, <br /> it takes one a lot <br /> of work and order <br /> very useful <br /> regards <br /> nick manu

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Thanks Nick! Ember, I'm working on another entry that will list only the non-IBMer social media stars.... like you!

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Ah, so this was intended to be the IBM-er only resource list. Ok, I won't feel neglected then! @srhayes, @db2nightshow, @dbisoftware, @db2performance,, Blogs including The DB2Night Show replays, The DB2Night Show News, the DB2 LUW Performance Blogs, and The DB2Night Show LinkedIn group. Next week June 25-29 is MARATHON FREE DB2 Education Week on The DB2Night Show - a show every day! for details and registration links!