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Hi Susan, <div>&nbsp;</div> Just wanted to point out to your readers that Roger Sanders is posting sample questions and answers from his DB2 9 Fundamentals book in the blogs at One of the great things about Roger's book is that he not only provides the answers to the sample questions, he explains why the answers are correct (and why the others aren't).<div>&nbsp;</div> Best regards,Kim MoutsosEditor, DB2 Magazine

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Hi Roger,<div>&nbsp;</div> We're finding it more difficult to include CDs with our books these days... long story. Anyway the best way to get a test engine is via the web. DB2 Express C is a free version of DB2 that contains most of the same features as the full price version. Check it out:<div>&nbsp;</div>

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I was wondering does the book provide a test engineto go over these sample questions like an actual prep test.<div>&nbsp;</div> Roger