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Susan! You forgot to mention to watch The DB2Night Show Episode #67 on 20 January 2012 with special guest Roger Sanders! Roger, as everyone knows, is deeply involved with DB2 Certification. During this cross platform show (z/OS and LUW), Roger will be offering DB2 Certification Insider Secrets and Tips!!! Details and Registration: <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, Scott

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Hello Susan, <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for this post. Can I just clarify (confirm) that while answering below IBM DB2 Tests (exams), we are not required to be employed? In other words, I can be unemployed and still appear for below tests and IBM professional program would not stop me from appearing for the below test papers. <div>&nbsp;</div> Exams I am planning to take <br /> • Test 000-730 – IBM DB2 9 Family Fundamentals <br /> • Test 000-735 – IBM DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer <br /> • Test 000-732 – IBM DB2 9 DBA for z/OS <br /> • Test 000-731 – IBM DB2 9 DBA for Linux UNIX and Windows <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> I am reading a statement above in this article called <br /> The others will need much studying and / or experience in order to achieve. <div>&nbsp;</div> Is experience mandatory to achieve the certification? <div>&nbsp;</div> Looking forward for your reply. <div>&nbsp;</div>

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Subodh, <div>&nbsp;</div> Its good to have expererience but its neither mandatory nor prerequisite. For experienced, getting certified might be easier as they are already using the technology and applying them in the real-time. Also they were exposed various practical issues, limitations and resolutions as well. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers !! <div>&nbsp;</div> Venkata NR Gannam