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1 svisser1 commented Permalink

I wish I had looked at the comments that were received that mentioned JB before I posted this. I will add the comment here, and then I think I'll edit the blog and add them. <div>&nbsp;</div> JB... she rocks... If her presentation was a FB wall post I would have super duper liked it... <div>&nbsp;</div> Great JOB JB - All you presentations were useful from Customer perspective and make Customer reference and make DB2 even more valuable at the market. This also good lesson even for the DBA's <div>&nbsp;</div> I got a good knowledge on Concurrent I/O. Thanks JB. <div>&nbsp;</div> Forming the information from the show is really valuable. Good job DB2 and thanks to JB for her valuable info. Thank you. <div>&nbsp;</div> JB has done a good job.. <div>&nbsp;</div> Jeyabarathi (JB) performance was mind blowing.Excellent.Its creative and very lovely performance. <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> You can see all voter comments on Scott’s Blog: <br />