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I emailed for more information and got this reply: <br /> "Thank you for contacting the IBM Professional Certification Program. <div>&nbsp;</div> The Assess and Save promotion is no longer available."

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Hi Nishant, Thanks for your comment. I have contacted a few people to see why you were given this incorrect information. Thanks for your patience!

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I've confirmed that the IM program that I blogged about is accurate and on until December 14, 2012. <br /> IBM Information Management - <div>&nbsp;</div> The Assess&amp; Save Promotion for IBM WebSphere, SOA and XML - <br /> is the one that is no longer available. <div>&nbsp;</div> I hope this helps!

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Many thanks for taking this up! Can you please also clarify with IBM folks, if Db2 v9.7 and DB2 v10.1 upgrade exams come under this offer because there is no online assessment test corresponding to the upgrade exams. Thanks again for the trouble.

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Hi, <div>&nbsp;</div> I took and passed the assess test, but I have not received any voucher yet. What can I do? to whom do I have to write? <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks for the assistance.