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Hi Susan, <div>&nbsp;</div> Sorry I missed you at IOD. Scott and Todd interviewed me for a video at the show as well and it had almost slipped my mind. Thanks for the pointer. <div>&nbsp;</div> On a separate note, I gave a talk on The Madness of Writing Books to a Women In Technology group earlier this year. I'll try to find that presentation and share it if anyone is interested. <div>&nbsp;</div> Just to echo your statement: if you're signing up to write a book, you are signing up to promote it (yourself) too. When my first book came out in 1995, it wasn't very easy to promote or discuss books at all. With my seventh book, "Social Networking for Business", out this year, it is a far easier task. The difficulty that authors may find is what is an appropriate promotion activity, and where to draw the line on spam. <div>&nbsp;</div> -rawn <div>&nbsp;</div>