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1 arzvi commented Permalink

I am planning to take up Test 000-543: DB2 9.7 Application Development and I see the DB29 for developers book. This was published for 9 but was back in 2008. Would it be helpful in taking up the test or are there better options elsewhere?

2 shayes commented Permalink

I have blog envy. Susan, you write wonderfully. Thanks for a terrific summary of The DB2Night Show episode #48 "All About IDUG" and DB2's GOT TALENT winners. Let's get the word out about our show this 15 April 2011 - DB2 Workload Manager Tips from the IBM DB2 Developer "The K Guy" Keith McDonald. Keith emailed me yesterday and said he had prepared over 120 slides!!! That's a lot of tips! Details and registration: <div>&nbsp;</div> Cheers, <br /> Scott