Get ready for another action packed tweetchat! Join us July 17 at 11:00 (eastern) to discuss the topic “Getting Insights Fast Enough?”  This chat will explore the benefits of having a database management system that is fast enough to give you the answers you need to make important decisions based on your data.  Then we'll discuss the ways you can get such a fast system.


You can expect to hear from these panelists and many more:



  • Claudia Imhoff (@Claudia_Imhoff), Consultant / Analyst for Business Intelligence (BI), analytics & the technical architectures supporting it.

  • Nancy Hensley (@nancykoppdw), Director, Strategy and Marketing, Database Software and Systems

  • Rachel Bland (@RachelKBland), Sr. Product Manager, IBM Business Analytics Growth Initiatives



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You don't need to be on twitter to "listen", but you do to contribute to the conversation.  Here's what you do:

  • Go to or

  • Sign in with your twitter handle

  • Search on #bigdatamgmt

  • A new window will open that makes it easy for you to follow & contribute.



And you'll see the comments come flying.  It is very fast paced.

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Topics we want your opinion on:

  1. How are you using analytics today to drive better / faster decisions?

  2. What insights do you wish you had, but do not?

  3. What business benefits would you get from having more insights?

  4. What is preventing you from getting those insights?

  5. What steps would you consider taking to get new analytics projects deployed faster?

  6. How would you benefit by faster analytics response times?

  7. What technologies are you using or considering to achieve your need for faster answers?

  8. What specifically do you need help with to move forward faster?


To prepare:

Read through the suggested resources to help you gain a better understanding of the topic.

In advance of the chat, create answers for as many of the questions as you can.  This will enable you to focus on and respond to what others are saying during the chat.


Suggested resource list


A great many papers, videos and other information assets have been created to support this topic.  Here’s what you should take a look at:


Claudia Imhoff wrote a series of 7 papers about this topic:  


1. Game changing innovations in data management and data warehousing

2. Supporting information producers – the masters of BI

3. Supporting information consumers – the most difficult BI audience to satisfy

4. Creating a sustainable, easy to maintain BI environment

5. Using data  compression to speed up analytics

6. Use cases for improved BI deployments

7. The need for speed, simplicity and affordability


BI with BLU Acceleration, a simple recipe for high speed analysis by Rachel Bland

Speed & Simplicity by Larry Heathcote

Three must-have capabilities for today's warehouse environment

TDWI Checklist Report // Adopting Next-Generation Data Technologies

by David Loshin


Coming Events


July 17, DB2 Tech Talk "Use DB2 BLU with SAP"

July 24, Tweetchat on Banking Solutions



If you have any questions about the chat, send me a direct message via @susvis