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Hi, any news about LMC 6.1.5 beta or the final version? tks

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Hi all,
I've installed LMC 6.5.1 and a pool of Traveler 8.5.3 Domino Server (two servers) but seems that the balancing don't working properly. When I use a web administrator client, see that all the users are connected to first node of the pool.
Some ideas?

Thanks to all

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How many users are running on your Traveler pool? Maybe too less and according to the mechanizm IMC doesn;t ballance it yet? I am using round robin so far and have like 5% and 95% on two traveler servers
Kind regards

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If anyone else created Traveler poll with IMC 6.1.5 I ahve just fnished my infrastructure IMC 6.1.5 --> 4 Travelers --> SQL. I interested in in the settings and performance.

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How did you resolve SQl cluster? IBM advise to make a DB in simple recovery mode what does not allow us to make mirror. Anyway mirror in this case is not too much usefull. To have full HA for SQl and Traveler it have to be live replication and single URL connection between traveler pool and SQL

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We have successfully used SQL 2008 as the DB for HA with Traveler 9, however after setting up the databases but before enabling mirroring we had to apply Snapshot Isolation to the databases, otherwise Traveler threw a error:
SQL commands are:

Traveler error was:
Notes Traveler: SEVERE *system Unable to verify that Snapshot Isolation is set. Exception Thrown: com.lotus.sync.db.PersistenceException: The operation cannot be performed on database "TRAVELER"
DB Mirroring is working fine.

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