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1 dav1mo commented Permalink

Somethimg is wrong with the font on this blog entry. It keeps getting larger and larger. To the point that it is no longer readable. Otherwise, I really enjoy some of the SQL tips you give.

2 SergeRielau commented Permalink


Thanks for letting me know. I have cleaned up the HTML. Hopefully that helped.

3 sayap commented Permalink

Hi Serge,

Thanks for the article. It helps me solve my problem at
Anyway, is there any plan to fix this:
> But DB2 also didn't jump two levels up to S.c1. I suppose it could but, alas, it does not.
Using LATERAL for this query doesn't look right, since the data is from outer-outer table, not sibling table.

4 SergeRielau commented Permalink


I have seen what you describe sporadically. But since it happens very rarely and LATERAL fixes the problem there has been no problem to lift this restriction.
So, unless a customer raises this as a PMR I do not see this one change any time soon.