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1 YONGLEIG commented Permalink

*pretty* plan, smilence

2 AndrejFurlanič commented Permalink

I did some tests with merge statement. Samples are best way to learn. Finally, i couldn't resolve the errors with the following syntax:

select * from new/old/final table (merge ...)
Any plans to support this syntax ?

3 SergeRielau commented Permalink


I'm waiting for the right excuse to put it into plan....
The potential for select from merge is huge.

4 EmberCrooks commented Permalink

Serge, can I use Common Table Expressions ('with (...) select...') in the using clause of a merge statement?

5 SergeRielau commented Permalink


Unfortunately you cannot.
The only place where you can do WITH clause inside a statement is INSERT and the RETURN statement of an SQL Table function.
The later could serve as a work around in your case.