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Very good and great site with very good look and perfect information...i like it!

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I have to say, I appreciate what IBM is attempting to do. It seems to me that, more than any other mainstream technology company, IBM is interested in tapping in to the open source movement, by hiring people like Mr. Wong who have experience with open source, and by trying to create spaces where users can connect with programmers and with the company in direct ways, as open source has always allowed. In this sense, I think IBM is bridging an important gap, moving us from an open source world -- which, while offering a great deal of freedom, comes with some downsides as well (less complex applications, reduced ability to connect to the broader population who use commercial applications) -- towards a more commercial landscape, but one that takes account of the positive elements of the open source movement (responsiveness to users, centrality of standards, community building).

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As always, IBM continues to hire excellent people to give excellent services to its clients/customers. Welcome aboard Mr. Wong. I really hope we can see another great man most of the time actively working for IBM in the near future.

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