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I see one of the things to avoid pertains to Windows XP and 2003 not being supported. Could this be elaborated on? Would this statement also be relevant to WCM content Authoring? We've experienced a twofold increase in the time it takes to create content as a content author in XP as it does with Windows 7 using the WCM Authoring Profile in the Theme. It would be great to have an official support statement to describe the recommended system requirements for not just Portal 8 Developer workstations but for Content authors as well. Thanks! - Rick Holden

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For i-Series "Best Practice".... when we try to run "ConfigEngine swith-64bit-lum-file" we get "Build Failed Target swith-64bit-lum-file does not exist in this project."

Command should be: "ConfigEngine switch-64bit-lum-file"

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Question : Is Portal 8 install correctly on WIN7 64 bit laptop ?
The Portal 8 binaries are the same we use to install on WIN7 32 bit.

Thanks in advance.

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