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Can you tell us more about "Twitter"?<div>&nbsp;</div> Willie

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Hi Willie! <p>Twitter is a free web-based service where people put in short entries about what they're doing or thinking. It's a very lightweight version of blogging. You get a dashboard of all your "friends'" twitterings. It becomes a kind of online chat, rather like Instant Messaging but more group than that.</p> <p>One thing to note: In the same way that all SecondLife traffic goes through the Linden Labs servers, all the Twitter traffic goes through <strong>their</strong> servers. So there is no such thing as an "internal use only version". You can, however, restrict access to your twitterings - as far as the public is concerned.</p>

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Aargh! It doesn't seem to like HTML in comments. :-(

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Willie, I also gave explaining twitter a shot on my blog here:<div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div> and on technorati<div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div> Essentially it can be thought of as "micro-blogging" If I want everyone to know about a cool site I can write a blog post about it, or just do a quick twitter to point people in it's direction.

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I think "micro-blogging" is a good description, Nathan. I also like the idea of being able to use it via text messages from a mobile phone. Not sure the IM capabilities are worth much, though.