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I always "pretty print XML" by "tidy -q -xml" -- tidy is a really good tool for that as well as for checking XML. <div>&nbsp;</div> &gt; One question: Can this be run on z/OS? I believe it can: minidom is a core part of Jython and Jython certainly runs under z/OS. <br /> &gt; In fact, being a java jar I'd expect it to run on a zAAP (or zIIP with zAAP-on-zIIP). If you try it and get it working let us know. <br /> Sorry, no experience with z/OS. <div>&nbsp;</div> And tidy sems not being ported to z/OS until now ... <br /> <a href=""></a> <div>&nbsp;</div> Hermann.

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Thanks Hermann! I've not used tidy. I'd be interested in how much control it gives you. One person's "pretty" is another's "ugly". :-)