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1 bernard59 commented Permalink

I writing a rexx/regexp with codepage 1047 (latin open). Is the good choice. <br /> Fb

2 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks @bernard59 for your comment. Care to expand on it?

3 bernard59 commented Permalink

In the " UNIX System Services - User's Guide ", item " Terminal emulators", <br /> i read: <br /> "Code page conversion: By default, z/OS UNIX System Services operates in the POSIX locale (also known as the C locale) using code page IBM-1047" <div>&nbsp;</div> When i use egrep, il use always codepage 1047. <div>&nbsp;</div> Change local codepage is possible.

4 MartinPacker commented Permalink

Thanks again. I'll admit to not being as sensitive to codepage issues as I should be - having the UK/US thing going on.

5 bernard59 commented Permalink

sample of egrep: <br /> grepstring='^([a-z]).*\1$' <br /> cmd="grep -E '"grepstring"' "