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1 bobleah commented Permalink

Jim's video reminded me of my own career.. and what I believe is something we (developers) all share. Being a developer really is like running a marathon.. a career of continuous learning and sharing. We must all "climb and then lift"... as programming truly builds upon the techniques, tricks, and knowledge of those who came before. I have been at this for 33 years... and everyday I learn something new.. which makes this a very cool career. The key is sharing.. first you learn, then you apply.. and then you must share! Hopefully My developerWorks will enable the type of sharing I envision.. a place where people learn and share and assist each other. A community where we all become smarter!

2 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

i didn't see that video.. pity. it's not displayed on my screen. i'm sure i;ve installed activeX for flash correctly. I can't add any comment on that entry, either..

3 bobleah commented Permalink

Worked great for me.. I'm running FF v3

4 LaCrimosa commented Permalink

ok. I'll try it in FF later.
is it a bad idea to use microsoft browser on IBM sites? lol..

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