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Hi Kelvin, my name is Claudio Soares. I'm senior software engineer, and blog editor [Academic Initiative] at IBM Brazil. I'm also a writer. I use social networks from different points of view. Some of them include: Orkut [most popular in Brazil], Facebook, MySpace: basically for interaction with family and friends; Lastfm: interaction with friends based on music; Shelfari, Librarything: interaction with frieds, readers and writers based on literature; Linkedin: resume, business contacts; Twitter: use it more as a brainstorm [based on the quick texts I publish there] to more profound analysis and post at my blog PONTOLIT [http://www.pontolit.com.br/blog] where I discuss the impact of technology on processes of reading and writing. Best regards.


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Claudio, thanks for the great feedback. I'll have to take a look at Orkut have not looked at that one yet!

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