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1 localhost commented Permalink

The article is good and useful. But i have some problem on directing the page to ErrorSessionTimeout.jsp.

When the session expires my application is redirecting to websphere portal server login page instead of my application login page. I have changed ErrorSessionTimeout.jsp as you said.
I face this problem only in production environment.
Any help is appriciated.

2 localhost commented Trackback


when portlet is kept ideal for 1 hour then portlet session get expired then that particular screen is getting displayed as blank.
Is there any limit for portlet session? How do i solve this problem?
If this is condition then i want to redirect to errorpage saying that session is expired.

3 localhost commented Permalink

changing logn

4 localhost commented Trackback


when i hide the error ErrorSessionTimeout.jsp using timeout.resume.session=true but if i still want to redirect to Appln login ,how to achieve this .
Can some one comment on this .

5 localhost commented Permalink

I don't understand, there is no code in the script?

6 raghuchikka commented Permalink

Please help me to change the message errorsessiontimeout displays after session timeout

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