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Thank you, Joe. I wonder if there is a way to enable the Remote System Explorer within CICS Explorer (or Data Studio)? I found a Remote System Explorer plugin on but after installation I see it is missing the z/OS capabilities. It is disappointing how difficult it is for DB2 DBAs to get access to ISPF capabilities in a GUI. z/OS explorer in CICS Explorer is missing the additional ISPF capabilities (and maybe much more).

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Hey Joe, I'm on RDz 9.1 and that does not seem to help. I cannot get the Definitions Menu Entry for love nor money. Have tried that, have installed the CICS/CM plugin thinking that might make the difference, but no such luck. I have looked at Window -> Customize Perspective ->
Command Groups Availability ... and I see CICS SM Admin Action Set ... but if I click on it, no MenuBar or ToolBar details show up and if I select OK, then come back in, it is unchecked. So I still seem to have no ability to get Definitions working inside RDz. While I deduced that Definitions missing was likely intentional, I was hoping that what you did in 8.x would work in 9.1 and it does not seem to. I added all 3 -D definition lines into my eclipse.ini to no avail. Is there a new magic wand for 9.1? I am hoping they did not lock it down tighter this time. Here is that section of my eclipse.ini:


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Hi Mike,
Things changed a little with RD/z version 9, where we actually did things a little more cleanly and added an Eclipse capability that can be toggled on or off from the preferences page. There is a newer blog that describes this and how to get the definitions full menu to appear more easily.
I hope this helps, let me know if it doesn't.
Tks, Joe