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Thank you, Joe, for putting this online. I never had such a good description before. But as you allowed it: "geez, why did IBM make this so tricky"? :-)

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You're right - we did make this unnecessarily tricky but it is something we're working to clean up as quite a number of CICS customers do use the MQ Explorer as well and ask for a better integration solution - it should be no harder than other tools that plug into CICS Explorer so once we've done that we'll have got this nut cracked.

Quite a few large CICS customers (not large as in they are obese - they are customers who have lots of regions) who also use MQ have asked for other pieces such as make it easier to navigate straight from a region to the queue manager's without having to open the right views and do this yourself - and also the ability to manage and configure connections together so you don't have to re-enter user IDs and passwords and stuff. If there's anything else you can think of that'd would make CICS and MQ experience better then please let us know so hopefully we can get everything taken care of at the same time.