Inside System Storage -- by Tony Pearson

Tony Pearson Tony Pearson is a Master Inventor and Senior IT Specialist for the IBM System Storage product line at the IBM Executive Briefing Center in Tucson Arizona, and featured contributor to IBM's developerWorks. In 2011, Tony celebrated his 25th year anniversary with IBM Storage on the same day as the IBM's Centennial. He is author of the Inside System Storage series of books. This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to storage and storage networking hardware, software and services. You can also follow him on Twitter @az990tony.
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Tony,<div>&nbsp;</div> I just finished "The Long Tail" too. It's a must-read for anyone in IT today. Like you said, it opens your mind to the infinite possibilities, especially for storage.<div>&nbsp;</div> Of several thoughts I had reading the book, one was with regard to "filtering" and "recommendations" which is one of the factors that drives the long tail.<div>&nbsp;</div> My thought is that only people with strong opinions are going to "rate" a product - those that hate it - and those that love it. I'm not sure if that is a problem or not, but I don't think the author gave that point much thought.<div>&nbsp;</div> P.S. - Very cool to see you have a blog. Found it via an email I got recently. Don't let you fame go to your head -- oops - that already happened. <div>&nbsp;</div> P.P.S. - We met at TopGun in DC recently.

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Have you found any links between "The Long Tail", Web 2.0 and Storage?Jeremiah Owyang, late of HDS and now of PodTech, refers to these connections continually in his blog:<div>&nbsp;</div> In Jeremiah's post today:"Brand Measurement in word of mouth network important. A new industry emerges: “Social Media Measurement”" talks about a new meaningful way to "harness data culled online". It might already be on your own Storage but who is going to know? And after it is collected it might need to be analyzed in comparison or Context to other already gathered Information.<div>&nbsp;</div> When business was focused on the "Top Whatever" because they saw no way to cheaply market outside the "Top Whatever", nor did they have any Data to point elsewhere, nor were they looking, they were home free. That will all change dramatically with Web 2.0 and people learning how to use "The Long Tail" Strategy for their own business.<div>&nbsp;</div> IT could have been pointing the way to this years ago. IT has been caught up in the "latest" Technology rather than "What business Information are we Storing that some bright BI person might find useful?". Partnering with the Lines of Business never seemed to enter the minds of the IT people, other than to get funding.<div>&nbsp;</div> How does IT justify its existence? By providing the "Enabling" Technology? Isn't that like your car telling you why you should keep it?

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