Inside System Storage -- by Tony Pearson

Tony Pearson Tony Pearson is a Master Inventor and Senior IT Specialist for the IBM System Storage product line at the IBM Executive Briefing Center in Tucson Arizona, and featured contributor to IBM's developerWorks. In 2011, Tony celebrated his 25th year anniversary with IBM Storage on the same day as the IBM's Centennial. He is author of the Inside System Storage series of books. This blog is for the open exchange of ideas relating to storage and storage networking hardware, software and services. You can also follow him on Twitter @az990tony.
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An article in ComputerWorld provides the details:<div>&nbsp;</div><div>&nbsp;</div> IBM AIX on Power systems had the top spot of any x86 or UNIX based system (not including mainframes) with only 15 minutes of downtime per year. By comparison, Solaris on SPARC and HP-UX on HP 9000 systems both had over 35 minutes downtime per year. Mac OS on G4 came in sixth place with 37.8 minutes downtime. Linux on x86 varied from 17 minutes to 1 hour 41 minutes depending on distribution. Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 were the worst, with over 2.5 hours unplanned downtime per year.

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