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I attend meeting on a regular basis that consist of around 50-70 people. For me. a good meeting to attend is one where the presentation screen is at an appropriate size (not to big, not to small) and all the content displays properly. I would say over 90% of all my meetings I attend are successful. However, nothing turns me away more then hearing: "Oh, this slide isn't displaying the graphic properly."
If I had a wish list of Sametime meeting features, I would like to steal the idea of business cards from the client. There should be the option to have a business card displayed for the moderator or presenter as well as the ability to mouse over any meeting participant to view their business card if available.

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Well, every Sametime meeting that does not crash or is slow as hell is a success. And if people sitting 5 meters from the server experience less than 2 seconds delay in meeting's audio chat, that's the happiest day of the week and a valid reason for celebration.Oh, almost forgot I felt very happy when Sametime server did not blue-screen crashed my whole Win2003 computer when I issued "restart server" command. Successfull quit/restart 2 times in a row! It must be my Christmas present from Santa.

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While I have the mic, can we look to have the mouse over business cards to allow downloads of vCards. It great to see the business card, but if I could leverage that information in other applications, that would be great.

I could pull the speaker information directly to my address book.

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Meetings wrapped around materials that are not ready graphically for presentation is one of the worst online issues.

But on a positive side, we try and end our meetings early no matter what internally. This gets conversation moving and to the point. This is due to meetings being back to back. With no break between them, when do you get a minute to get a drink, take a hallway walk and just mentally rest a moment.

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What makes a meeting successful is when as little as possible time is spent with the web conferencing software.

Here is the best case:- The meeting is easy to find- Everyone joins without issue- The presenters screen is sized appropriately- The speed and color fidelity are very good- Switching presenters is easy- Record the meeting so people can view later (in a standard format)- Reduce the effect of network distruptions
Keep it brain-dead simple for the masses. Wiz-bang features are not required to make a meeting successful. Focus on making the core functionality bullet-proof.

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Badly presented online meetings is something that bugs me, so I've written a few blog entries on it in the past:

It should be remembered though, all the usual rules that apply to physical meetings also apply to online meetings, start on time, have a clear agenda, agree on actions at the end etc.

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