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1 localhost commented Permalink

Minimum System Memory - 512 MB (recommended 1 GB)Disk space - 2 GB

What have you been smoking there ;)
Well, not only the system requarements are too big, the client itself is full of bugs :(, and this is called an enterprise application!
Seems the only place for Notes on Linux, is in the trash can!
How this "masterpiece" of software engineering will not effect Hannover

2 localhost commented Trackback

Ted: what a relief to finally see a Linux Notes Client. Thanks.

Even though I know that IBM doesn't want to be supporting every Linux distro in existence, I think there is a precedence from DB2 for supporting Ubuntu. Hopefully that can be official, as many of the FOSS Linux desktop distros are finally solid enough to stand on their own.
So, what do I think? I think it's great. It's such a relief after killing myself over failing a 7.0.1 Wine install.
The mixed review of the Notes community is probably due to unreasonable expectations (maybe it should have been released under public beta).
I expect to see a 15% penetration of the Notes community within 24 months.

3 localhost commented Trackback

Ted, what do you mean by "Requires Lotus Domino 7.0.1 or higher"?

I am using the Lotus Notes on Linux client with Domino R6 servers and have not see any issues with that.

4 localhost commented Permalink

Lotus Notes for Linux is supported for Domino 7.0.1. That does not mean it might not work with any earlier versions.

5 localhost commented Permalink

I too would be interested in a more generic package, such as a n autopackage package, or an RPM or deb. If I run FC5 or Ubuntu on my desktop does that mean I shouldn't be able to run Notes? I can run tons of other Eclipse RCP applications. It's just the installer that probably needs to be changed to allow the client to run on other distributions. I am not looking for support on Ubuntu or Fedora, but would at least like to be able to run it there.

6 localhost commented Trackback

There may still be reasons to run the Windows clienton Linux using Wine (for one thing, system requirementsmay be lower). As of wine-0.9.19, this works fairlywell; even the installer works fine, no fiddling is required.See http://wiki.winehq.org/LotusNotes for more info.

7 localhost commented Trackback

Anyone managed to get it running under Suse 10.1? I follow the steps but when I start it I get the splashscreen and then nothing happens. If I do a 'ps' I see that the [notes] process is , I've tried ldd:ing the binary but it seem to have all the libraries it needs.

Any help really appreciated, thanks

8 localhost commented Permalink

Tried it on Fedora Core 5 but after install the client crashes with segmentation fault.

Any strict requirement with libs version ?
Thanks for your help,

9 localhost commented Trackback

Hope some of this information helps and I'd like to hear from you if your have tried the Notes on Linux.

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