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Given the choice between an RSS and Atom feed, I always choose the Atom feed. I think the real issue is that not everyone provides Atom feeds yet, so it is still necessary to support *processing* RSS feeds but not necessarily *providing* them, and the preferred or default ought to be Atom.

Take Google, for example. Their feed reader, Google Reader, supports Atom and RSS. Their blog engine, Blogger, only provides Atom feeds. I believe IBM should take a similar approach.
According to [2], IBM engineer Sam Ruby "spearheaded the Atom effort." It's also an open-standard, whereas, as you mentioned, RSS is frozen and merely released under the Creative Commons License, which allows projects to build upon RSS under a different name. That's essentially what Atom is.

2 localhost commented Permalink


let's not forget MS with their Vista and RSS integration. I suspect that anything they integrate into Vista will prevail no matter how advanced the other technology might be. Not that I am in favour of it, it is just a well known fact you have to count with.

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