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1 localhost commented Permalink

Ted, I am sure you are right about filtering in IBM Workplace, but for those of us who have Notes on Domino, are you aware of any bayesian type 3rd party tool for the Lotus Notes client? The Junk Mail rules in 6.5.3 work as far as they go, but are only reactive and have no predictive value.

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Currently I'm not aware of any 3rd party products that integrate with Notes/Domino to provide SpamGuru features.-Ted

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"your thoughts on whether internal email can be considered spam"I don't think it can. You are entered into a contractual relationship with the company, which gives them the right to communicate with you.However, I know that there is a lot of "unwanted email" that goes around in companies - fundraising requests, jokes, and the occasional person who sends holiday greetings to everyone at the company. Keep in mind that some users want to know every time Julie is selling candles for band camp, and others don't. Even some automated reports can be unwanted to some people. In my opinion, these should be addressed first as a policy issue (does it break corporate policy? and/or should a policy be created), second as a subscription issue (if it is an automated report, can my name be removed?), thirdly as a people issue (can we ask the person to stop/is it harassment, etc.), and lastly thru mail rules in the user's mailfile.

4 localhost commented Permalink

mrs_helm I agree with you 100%. I don't think that internal mail should ever be considered spam. If it every comes to the point that I believe internal mail is spam, Corporate Policy should take action and not the messaging admins.I do have one concern about the your third point. If I have to ask the sender to stop, hopefully the sender has a pulse, then some might say the message is already spam. The goal is to prevent 94+ percent of spam email. Now if I get that one message and now I have to reply back and ask to be removed, that message counts as spam and also effects the end user in the time it takes to "deal" with the message. This goes back to my point that some user's spend up to 30 minutes a day having to fight spam.As for your fourth point, thank goodness for quick rules!Thoughts :)-Ted

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