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A new name and a (slightly) new direction. Telco talk will add Business Process Management within the Telco OSS/BSS arena to the potential subjects we'll cover here. The old Industry Business Partner Technical Strategy Enablement (IBPTSE) team's role remains an important part of IBM's Telecom strategy, so I will probably still cover partner capabilities and content here. I know the blog is pretty much about telco, but I reserve the right to comment on other industries as well :-) I plan to talk about resources that are available to IBM Business Partners, some of the latest issues we are seeing in Telecom, some discussion of IBM software technology and some thoughts on IBM's Smarter Planet initiatives.

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1 krckumar commented Permalink

You have mentioned about integration with SN will be true if SDP is used, can you provide a scenario. <div>&nbsp;</div> - Siddique

2 Andrew_Larmour commented Permalink

Hi Coffee-Bay (Siddique), <div>&nbsp;</div> If a Telco offers community focused social networking, the ability to integrate with a SDP would enable integration with call plans, SMS capabilities etc. For instance, if you have a community built around a Service Club (like Lions, Apex or Rotary for example) which provides PC and mobile based SN capabilities, integrating with a SDP might enable the Telco to offer discounted calling rates or SMS rates for all of the service club members. Traditional IN based solutions are limited to 15 or so members of the calling circle (Telcos call them VPNs) so to deliver this type of service to larger groups you need to elevate above the IN or network layer into the Service Delivery Platform. Another example might be to allow community members to interact with the community via SMS or MMS - not just for notifications out to community members, but also allowing community members to participate in SN capabilities via interfaces other than browsers (phone or PC). I hope this helps to explain my thinking. <div>&nbsp;</div> Andrew

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