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1 vskinner commented Permalink

Hi Kevin, thanks for introducing yourself and your blog. I'm looking forward to following along. Thanks!

2 vicky1981 commented Permalink

Hi Kevin!
Good to see you writing on our favourite database engine, IDS!

Its been a pleasure working as Informix DBA for little over 4 years now. I still remember the time when I got my Oracle certification done as a backup plan to my Informix carrer (I like to backup every thing) but now there is no looking back for Informix, It is growing!
I work in India and recently got updates on India IUG, I could not attain the first meeting though i was lucky enough to attain one of the Bootcamps in Mumbai.
Last weekend i saw a big front page add of Oracle in one of my Local new papers and started thinking about the day when such things happens for Informix.
Let me take this oppurtunity and ask you a simple question.
How could an Informix DBA contribute in promotion of IDS?
With in my small way i have helped few freshers to take interest and learn Informix, guided them to books by Carlton Doe, White papers, Blogs, IDS documentation @IBM site, ppts from IIUG.
Last 4 years (I'm making it sound like 40 yrs) I got a lot from Informix and If I could contibute toward the growth of Informix then i will be more than interested.
I hope you will have an Ideas and sugessions for me!

3 Spokey commented Permalink

Hi Kevin!

Glad to have you in the blogosphere!

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