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1 JenniAloi commented Permalink

While this may not be specifically geared to students and isn't exactly motivational, Ted Neward's article "Essential Java resources" offers a comprehensive list of resources, including books, that all Java developers need close at hand: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/java//library/j-javaresources.html

2 toronto_db2_guy commented Permalink

Thank you for the link Ted's article is very useful, but as you stated, probably not very motivational for computing students.

I remember that in my senior computing class (1987) our teacher wanted us to learn C as an alternative to BASIC. At the time, both teacher and student were trying to figure out this strange new dialect. After a bit of frustration we soon discovered the concept of function libraries, as we couldn't figure out why sqrt() could not be found until we added the #include in our program.
Reading Ted's article reminds me of how Java evolved far from its original intended purpose, but there are still many strange attributes of both C and Java.
A common theme that I've noticed is that in computing, "everything old is new again - it's just called something else and is a bit more flashy this time around". For example, I believe I'm up to about 10 "CLOUD" marketing emails per day at this point.

3 e_luttner commented Permalink

Head First Java is a great one, easy and funny.

The series have other languages too, like Ruby/Rails, JavaScript, HTML, SQL and others

4 Mitchelle commented Permalink

Thinking in Java by bruce eckel's for a good understanding on OOP concepts or Head first java for fun exercises.

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