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1 danl commented Permalink

The link to IBM Support Portal doesn't work.


2 JeremyFox commented Permalink

The above IBM Support Portal seemed to work ok, once I got past the Sign-in page

3 PXDEFABR commented Permalink

Since the IBM Support Portal is, in my opinion, very user-unfriendly, this is most unwelcome news.

4 DanielHirschler commented Permalink

When will the certificate error on the IBM website correct.
This makes it nearly impossible to use SR!

5 commented Permalink

For any strange reason developers hate usability.

For instance, when you open a PMR... How do you difference from one contract to another? You just see numbers...
Even better, if you work with several customers, you can't difference from one to another. Frustrating.

6 il10031 commented Permalink

Can someone please tell me how one can now access the SIS application which appeared on the web page I used to navigate to the SR and PSP applications? Thanks in advance for any assistance. Frustration is setting in...

7 SusanatUSBank commented Permalink

The Customer Sign-in page in Passport Advantage throws a 404 error. Two days now, is someone going to fix it? Very Frustrating

8 ndave commented Permalink

I registered at Support registration and got to 'new Service Request', I dont seem to find anything other than an oprion to select the product.