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1 NeilRoss commented Permalink

This is very unfortunate, as Datapower is used to integrate to IBM mainframe technologies like COBOL. Especially financial institutions would need numbers to be precise for up to 18 characters. Other integration technologies has managed to do this successfully on a SOAP to binary transform and vice versa. WBI, SOAPGateway, Ivory Server and Layer 7 - to name a few. This really limits Datapower as an integration technology for financial institutions using it to do SOAP to binary transforms.

Aditionally, this limitation is never communicated when purchasing the device for these purposes.

2 HermannSW commented Permalink

As discussed in our call last Friday:
1) The call to the number() function restricting the precision to 16 digits is done by the XSLT generated from Contivo Analyst, not from DataPower.
2) Replacing
select="number(translate($node, '+',''))"
select="xs:decimal(translate($node, '+',''))"
in the generated stylesheet does allow for 18 digit precision for XML-to-copybook direction (with XSLT 2.0 selected in compile options policy),
see this posting.
3) As we discussed you did open an enhancement request for the copybook-to-XML direction where DataPower firmware has a hardcoded read limit of 16 digits for numbers.

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