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Hi Hermann, Thanks for this blog. I have a similar requirement wherein I need an xslt based implementation of TripleDES encryption/decryption. We have some java applications that use some java utilities to do the TripleDES encryption decryption. The algorithm used is DESede/ECB/NoPadding. We now need to do the same in DP but realized that this algorithm is not supported in DP. I was trying to build upon your xsl for DES encryption/decryption, but did not have much success.
1) the data to be encrypted need not be 64-bit (or) did not know how to convert my data such as '1111' to 64-bit. Not sure if we need to have this length validation key and data to be = 16 for TripleDES
2) As per what I read, if I have two or three encryption keys, if I do the DES encryption thrice (using key1, key2, key1 or key1, key2, key3) we should be able to achieve Triple DES. Not sure if there are other changes also required.

So, it would be a great help if you can share an xslt to implement TripleDES, if you have it already available. Thanks !

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Hi, please find tripledes demo solution here:

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